The Golden Ratio

Have you ever looked at a sign and thought that looks great, or it looks less than great? When it comes to designing signage on your Vision engraver or CNC router, an often-overlooked rule when designing signs is the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio is a useful tool that will help you bring out aesthetically appealing elements, of your design.


Mathematical equation for the golden ratio.
  • Mathematically, the Golden Ratio proportioning is “A+B is to A as A is to B” with an approximate value of 1.618. This is the key number to remember. With the design, multiply any element’s size x 1.618 to determine the size of another, proportionally balanced element.
  • For example, if the height of an object is 5 inches to calculate the length = 1.618 x 5 to determine the length of 8.09 inches.
  • If we take the length and divide 8.09 by 5, we get the Golden Ratio of 1.618 knowing our signage fits the golden ratio.
  • This also works on sign lettering. If our main letters are 5/8 our sub letters are .625/1.618 = .386 or more common .375 or 3/8
  • A square sign on 4×4 looks a little plain, but when we have a sign that fits the Golden Ratio, it appears more visually appealing.
  • When we need the long side, we multiply by 1.618
Square sign on the left, sign on the right design with the golden ratio.

The sign on the left is a typical square sign, while the sign on the right adheres to both text rules and sign size rules of the Golden Ratio.

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