Scanning Artwork for Vision PRO

To scan an image into our Vision PRO engraving software, use the AQUIRE IMAGE command, located in the file menu. Before using this command, your scanner and scan software must already be installed on your computer.

We suggest that you set your scanning software to scale the artwork by a large amount (1000%) to provide a more detailed image that is easier to work with in Vision PRO. If you are scanning low quality artwork, you should use a low dpi (75 dpi) when scanning. If you use a higher dpi, the mistakes and imperfections on the original artwork will be magnified.

When you select the AQUIRE command from the file, your scanner software will automatically be activated. After the scanned bitmap is in Vision PRO, youScanned Signature can create a vector file to send to the engraver.

The AQUIRE VECTOR command is similar to the AQUIRE command, except that it will load the artwork into Vision PRO as vector artwork.

The SCAN AND TRACE WIZARD provides a series of easy to follow steps that guide you through the process of bringing an image into Vision PRO and the tracing that image into vector artwork.

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