Vision 9: Our Favorite Features

Our new engraving software, Vision 9, has many new features to make the design and engraving process easier for you. Vision has added and improved many capabilities including improved text tools, advanced vectorization tools, and new production tools.

Below a few Vision team members share their favorite new features in Vision 9

“One of my favorite features is the update by patch method. It makes it so much easier for customers to not have to worry about accidentally choosing different settings than the original installation when putting an update in place. All of their previous settings are retained and the download should be much quicker.”

Kimberly M.
Technical Support Representative

“My favorite improvement to the Vision PRO 9 software also applies to the other versions (Express & Expert).  That would be the changes to the icons on the Cut Toolbox – the design improvements makes them a little more self-explanatory, but most importantly is the well-defined X across the icons to show whether the function is enabled or disabled.”

Dan O.
Technical Support Representative

“What I like most in Vision 9 is the addition of  2.5D capabilities, which varies the cut depth resulting in a hand-carved like effect, and the streamlined vectorization process, which is easier to use [than previous versions].”

Alan H.
Installation/Training Specialist

“My favorite feature is the ‘Vectorize bmp’ import feature.”

Cliff C.
Installation/Training Specialist

Have you had the opportunity to try our latest software packages? What is your favorite feature?

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