Weld Feature (V9 Expert)

The Weld feature in Vision 9 Expert is a basic outline weld for shapes.

For this example, I have 2 shapes from shape tools.  Overlap the 2 shapes, select both, and then click on Weld Tool (there will only be 1 option there) and click on it (basic weld). ***Vision Pro 9 has more Weld options***

Text can be welded also, just make sure it is a graphic before you do.  If your text is not a graphic, you can select the text, go up to the top ribbon and click on Arrange, then Text to Graphics.

From there you can overlap the letters and Weld.

After welding objects together, you can Node Edit to smooth out your graphic. ***How to Node Edit (part 1 & 2) is here in Quick Tips (in the list on the right side of the page)***

Hopefully this helps, remember that a new quick tip comes out every month, there is lots of helpful info.




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