ISA Expo 2019 Recap

Vision’s Booth At The 2019 ISA Expo.

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems would like to thank everyone who visited their booth at the 2019 ISA Expo! Held at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, the ISA Expo is the largest and most comprehensive trade show in the sign, graphics and visual communications industry. Those visited Vision’s booth was able to watch Vision’s 25 Series CNC Router / Engraver, 1612 Pro and Express Engraving Machines in action, doing ADA Braille and Print-To-Cut demos throughout the show

Equipped with an optional Auto Raster® Braille Inserter, the 2550 CNC Router / Engraver will drill and insert the Raster® Braille Beads into your Braille Sign automatically. This eliminates the tedious process of inserting them by hand. Another benefit of using a Vision machine to create ADA Braille Signs is Vision’s advance software. Vision software alerts you if your sign is not ADA compliant, allowing you to correct non-compliant element in your design. The many benefits of using a Vison system, make them the ideal and cost effective way to produce ADA Compliant Braille Signage.

“The Raster® Braille Inserter is just one of the many options available for Vision’s CNC Routers!” Said Bryan Taylor, Vision Engraving & Routing System’s Applications Manager. “Other options allow you to make a variety of custom signage in different materials like Braille Signs, Print-To-Cut, Dimensional Letters, Warning Signs, Directional Signage, Metal, Plastic, Wood and so much more!”

The 1612 Pro Engraver is an affordable, professional grade, medium format engraving machine. It features a 16” x 12”engraving area, an aluminum t-slot table with a ruled edge, red laser pointer for easy job set-up and other professional grade features. There are many applications you can do on the 1612 Pro engraver. Some popular applications include, Tags, Plates, Small Signs, ADA Braille Signage, Parts Marking, Gift Engraving, Serialization and more! If you’re looking for professional grade engraving machine with a medium form factor, check out Vision’s 1612 Pro Engraving Machine.

The newly updated Express S5 with V-Touch Technology has undergone a variety of upgrades that boosts productivity and gives the Express S5 Engraving Machine a highly desirable advantage in price and features over other machines in its class. The most noticeable update is a user friendly, multi-functional touch-enabled display. Looking deeper past the outer aesthetics, the Express S5 has also gotten an internal memory. Allowing you to save frequently used jobs directly on to the Express S5 Engraving Machine , you’ll also be able to run these saved jobs without being connected to a computer.

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems is the largest engraving machine manufacturer in the USA. Building rugged, reliable, low-maintenance engravers and CNC routers since 1983, packed with leading features, and offered at competitive prices to provide the best value for their customers. Success requires an idea, a plan and a Vision Engraving & Routing Systems!

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