Compass Navigation Tool

Compass is a navigation tool that can be used in Vision engraving and CNC routing software.

Compass Navigation Tool intro page.

Here is how to disable Compass from opening every time you open the Vision software:  Open the Vision software, go to Help on the top ribbon and uncheck Launch Compass on Startup.

Go to the help drop down menu then click on launch compass on startup.

You can click on this Icon to use Compass.

Compass icon on the menu bar.

To make the Icon show up if it is not there, right click on 1 of the icons and then click on Compass help System.

If it is there and you don’t want it to be, just uncheck it.

Unclick on Compass Help System in drop down menu to remove Compass icon in the menu bar.

Hope that helps, check back next month for another Quick Tip.  Check the Archives for previous Quick Tips.

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