Edit Tool Paths

You can Edit Tool Paths in the Vision software for a variety of uses.  If you have the Show Line Style on (previous quick tip) you can see what the engraving or routing will look like with different sizes or depths for tools, change color for the tool paths, number of passes, etc.  This is especially helpful when making plastic tag templates and deciding what FLX cutter to use. 

For example, we want to see how various size FLX cutters will engrave before running a job to make sure we have the right cutter size and Kerning, etc.

Here we have a standard 1”x3” electrical tag with a single line font, .25 height, 107 kerning, 150 line spacing.

1"x3" electrical tag with single line font.

Now we will add an online tool path using a .015 FLX cutter at .010 depth.

An online tool path added using a .015 FLX cutter at .010 depth

Now we will Edit Tool Path and see what it looks like with a FLX .030 cutter at the same depth.

Do a drag box over the text with tool path, click on Engrave on the top ribbon, scroll down to and left-click on Edit Tool Path. 

Click engrave in the top menu, then select Edit Tool Paths in the drop down.

Change the tool to the .030 engraver and left-click OK.

Click on tool and select .030 engraver.

Now we can see what if will look like if we use a FLX .030 cutter.

Image of edited tool path using a FLX 0.30 cutter.

Sometimes if you open a saved file and try to Edit Tool Path, you will get this window instead:

Sometimes if you try to edit tool paths you might get a pop up window showing Engrave Parameters.

The only thing you can do here is to adjust the Depth and number of Passes.  If this happens and you want to change the tool size, go back to Engrave on the top ribbon, scroll down to Delete Tool Path and left-click. 

If you do not like the edit tool paths that you created, you can click on engrave in the top menu and select Delete Tool Path.

Delete Tool Path is useful also if you want to delete several tool paths at once, changing the type of tool path (example: male to female), etc.

Whether you are engraving or routing and are using tool paths, the Edit and Delete Tool Path are helpful tools in the Vision software.

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