How To Build A Tag Template

To start building a tag template for tags/ signs precut or cut on the machine in Vision’s engraving software, you must first specify the plate size. Make the plate size the same as the tag you’re engraving. For this example, the plate size will be a 1″ x 3″ tag. These instructions can also be used to make a sign template.

Edit tag size to start building a tag template.

Use Frame Text Compose and add in your text (there is a Quick Tip on Frame Text Compose and Frame Text Margins).  Typically, you will use a single-line font. The cutter size will determine the width of your character’s stroke.

Select frame text compose.
Screen showing frame text margins.

Next, apply a tool path to the added text (make sure Line Style is on so it shows what the engraving will actually look like before running it (there is a Quick Tip on Line Style) which is where you can figure out what size tool to use.

Applying tool path to text.
Selecting tool size.
Text showing engraving line stroke.

After building your tag template and choosing the cutter size, it’s a good idea to note the tool you used. Use Text Tools on the left icon bar to create a note. Left-click on Text Compose, go to the left of the Plate, left-click and type out any notes. Because the note is outside the Plate, you won’t send it over to the machine and accidentally engrave it.

Text tool in icon bar.
Typed out tool used for future inference added after building your tag template.

When done creating and saving your tag template, you can use it to cut Multiples. Use it to engraver precut tags or tags that are being cut out on the engraving machine.  

When you are done building your tag template you can select multiples in the menu bar.

There are articles in The Quick Tips archives about multiples (Multiples and Serialization, Multiples Using Score Lines, How to Add an Excel File to Multiples).

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